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Winter, a mesmerizing and iconic figure, delicately cradles a pyramid that encapsulates the very essence of independent cinema. This majestic pyramid, held by Winter's enigmatic presence, reflects four crucial aspects that define the spirit of independent motion picture making.

The first facet represents independent motion picture makers' unwavering passion and dedication, who fearlessly pursue creative freedom, breathing life into each frame with raw and authentic narratives that delve into the depths of human experiences, unafraid to challenge conventions and push boundaries.

The second facet captures the innovative and unconventional storytelling techniques that give rise to unique perspectives and artistic visions.


The third facet embodies the significance of the International Motion Picture Awards, serving as a testament to the global recognition and appreciation of independent cinema's cultural impact.

Finally, the fourth facet symbolizes the transformative power of independent motion picture making, showcasing these artists' profound impact on cinema.

As Winter embraces this symbolic pyramid, it becomes a beacon of recognition and honor for independent filmmakers at the International Motion Picture Awards, signifying the celebration of their extraordinary contributions and relentless pursuit of artistic truth.

Let us introduce IMPA's iconic figure "Winter"


For I Am Dead" is an 18min motion picture work by director Patricia Delso Lucas that tries to connect the psychological struggle arising from the deeply repressed love and denied sexual identity through the character Oscar (Al Nazemian). Oscar has everything in a stylish mansion in the 1800s and is immersed in the fun. It is extra special that this plot setting is relatable to contemporary characters, whether from the 1800s or not.


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