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Adoptive Land(2022)

A lost visitor, without land or country, arrives at a lost village in the distant and scorching mountains, and discovers a blackened people, truth, which appeals to the soul of the earth and the strength of the pines and still look at the sky, worship the sun, discover saints and glimpse miracles.

Carlos Pires Silveira's Adoptive Land is a perverse documentary-style motion picture that begins with a stranger arriving in a small village to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and lose himself in nature.

The lead narrator, who depicts this documentary's main character, instantly convinces the viewers by stating that one day he discovers that he was born there and adopted this village, making it his own. It's also a unique thought process that brings this work to life as He still thought he was born in that village by privilege as if he had given birth in that destination and would tell everyone these stories so that the future wouldn't miss the record of it.

"Adoptive Land" is a heavenly village surrounded by mountains and creeks

Director Silveira's Adoptive Land instantly breaks you away from the high-rises of a cosmopolitan lifestyle, crowds, vehicle smog, etc. It brings forward the heavenly village and its charm in about 17 minutes.

Undeniably, the work's minimal budget and filming facilities are the biggest challenges to achieving the technical excellence and elite level of the work. The narrative choice of simple but heart-warming communication by moving freely through a village and blending unscripted conversations that move around it is certainly to be admired.

Dialogs in the background to bridge the conversation have a kind of poetic form that is certainly enjoyable!

Maria Freire Brito Recalling her vivid memories of the "Adaptive Land"

About the Director

Carlos Pires da Silveira, from Setúbal, Portugal is an indipendent motion picture maker since 2014. Carlos adapts the medium of narrating timeless stories of immaterial cultural heritage and the history of Portugal.

"As ruas dos guarda-chuvas (the streets of umbrellas), "Duomo (Milan Cathedral), & O primeiro dia (the very first day) are his notable work in recent times.

Carlos also received countless international awards and recognition for his commitment to narrating authentic stories

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