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Regresar Al Final (2022)

"Regresar Al Final" (Return to the end) jointly produced by Pablo Avila Champin, Daniel Contesse, Royce George & Gustavo Letelier, is a Chilean narrative film that sets the stage for a beautiful tale of love that starts with Esteban and Daniel (played by Mario Olivares & Daniel Contesse), who are happy and deeply in love. They enjoy each other's company and can make each other laugh, even during the most challenging times. However, their love is tested when the pandemic separates them and forces them to be apart.

During this separation, Esteban is forced to confront his past and deal with the pain of his torn family. His mother's death before the pandemic was a traumatic event that caused his family to fall apart, and Esteban struggles with the aftermath. He is consumed with grief and feels overwhelmed by the weight of his responsibilities.

Breathtaking aerial scene portraying the departure of a family member

Regresar Al Final's director Gustavo Letelier poignantly portrays an important message thru this film. It can be challenging for a parent to reconcile their expectations for their child with their desires and identity. In this case, it's understandable that the academically educated Fernando (played by Ricardo Herrera) may have specific aspirations for his son. Still, he must recognize and respect his son's autonomy and individuality.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly impacted the movie-making process in numerous ways. Restrictions on travel and social distancing measures have made it challenging to film scenes in traditional methods, and the safety of cast and crew has become a top priority.

Despite these challenges, cinematographer Nicolás Kliche & and editor Pablo Avila Champin have found creative ways to work together stunning landscape shots which reflect the moods to close the gaps in scenes. The main challenge of a screenplay is that most scenes need to rely on conversations to keep the wheels of the plot moving forward in a gripping manner.

Fernando's(Ricardo Herrera) realization of his failures in Open communication, empathy, and support.

About the Director

Gustavo Letelier is an awarded Chilean director with movies released around the globe and reviewed in top press. Independent Scriptwriter, Director and Producer since 1985, both in New York and Chile.

In the eighties Gustavo resided in New York City, where he studied graduate film programs at NYU and New School University. And he wrote, produced and directed several awarded Shorts and Documentaries, including 'One', 'The Grey Circumstance', 'Echoes', and 'Intruder In The Park'.

Back in Chile, Gustavo made Shorts and Documentaries, including 'Aprendiendo a Ser Feliz' (Learning Happiness), 'Los Niños Y Los Libros' (Children and Books), 'Sombras Postreras' (Late Shadows),

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