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Santa Guerra (2022)

Samantha Casella's one hour and 18 minutes hybrid narrative "Santa Guerra" follows a woman who falls into a timeless place, where she is forced to confront and process the trauma weighing on her. As she struggles to make sense of her surroundings, she finds herself split into different parts of herself, each existing in a different realm. One aspect of her is stuck in a ghostly mansion, haunted by her memories, while others wander through an ancestral place, searching for answers to the questions that plague her.

As the woman (Eugenia Costantini) travels through these different dimensions, the woman begins to unravel the source of her pain, and her subconscious mind begins to work through the emotions and memories that have been holding her back. With each step, she inches closer to a painful awareness of the truth behind her trauma. The experience is grueling and sad, as she must confront the darkest parts of herself and come to terms with the past that has shaped her.

Ekaterina Buscemi portrays the woman who wanders in Ade

Since then, motion pictures have become a significant form of entertainment and art, with many different genres and styles of filmmaking. Advances in plot creation have led to the evolution of more sophisticated thought processes allowing filmmakers to create increasingly complex movies. In that particular aspect, the filmmakers behind "Santa Guerra" were able to use their available resources cleverly and effectively to make this tough genre film. This is a testament to their talent and dedication, as making a film is challenging and time-consuming, even under ideal circumstances.

Santa Guerra travels between modern theatrical experiences and silver screen presentations bringing unique and hybrid experiences, incorporating elements of both traditional movie-making and modern theater style, creating an immersive and captivating experience for audiences.

On the other hand, writers both Samantha Casella and Antonio Micciulli bravely undermine the trends and instead focus on a more nuanced or character-driven story, which may struggle to attract a broad audience of commercial film lovers. This is because many viewers may be looking for a more straightforward, easily-digestible experience and may not be a film that takes a more artistic or unconventional approach.

However, it is important to note many successful movies have found devoted fan bases despite not being commercial blockbusters. Additionally, there is always an expectation for films that take risks and push boundaries. In that aspect, Santa Guerra will easily find critical acclaim and recognition at film festivals and award ceremonies.

Depiction of "timeless space" in Santa Guerra

About the Director

Samantha Casella was born in Italy. She studied screenwriting and narrative techniques at the Holden School in Turin and cinema directing at the Scuola Immagina in Florence.

She makes the documentaries "Mediterraneo" (selected for the Biennale of Venice) and "Self-portrait with Pope", a video presented in the Paul VI Hall in the presence of Pope Benedict XVI, preceded by the manufacturing and installation processes of the Via Crucis located in the Pantheon in Rome ("Via Crucis al Pantheon").

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