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Todo Esta Bein (2020)

Sacrificing yourself and emotions for your beloved pays a good reward?

How do you feel when your emotions are hurt? Sometimes it hurts more than physical wounds. Todo Esta Bein is a Spanish short film directed by Sabastian Martinez based on an illegal immigrant confronting physical and emotional discomfort at the same time. The film was shot in a small apartment. The 6-minutes dynamic play makes your heart speak out for the victim.

The film begins with a young crying girl holding a deportation order in her wounded hand. She cries out the sorrows of emotions, the pain of wounds and the fear of deportation. She gets visited by an officer inquiring about reported screams at her apartment by the neighbors. She keeps all the agony she had been through secret in her heart with fake smiling expressions and false excuses in front of the officer.

Lead Cast Mafalda Pinto Corriea  in Todo Esta Bein
Mafalda Pinto Corriea's performance towards confronting physical and emotional discomfort
The pain of feelings is worst than that of wounds

Sabastian Martinez has passionfully portrayed the image of true love in this story. It shows pure love, although the same beloved hurts you. That makes the essence of true love; being hurt but still not complaining against your beloved. There might be no heavy burden than this, keeping all sorrows and pain beyond your love. Sacrificing your personal preferences for your beloved pays a good reward? Todo Esta Being tells all about the rewards for true love and unintentional mistakes.

The film is short and deep, the cinematography in this range of film is appreciable. The scenes that depict the actual components of the situation are captured in the wide-angle shots perfectly. The scene transition is smooth and with good angle shoots, but the sound effects could be further improved. The overall cast & crew contribution is substantial.

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