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Untitled Earth Sim 64 (2021)

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

3 star film review

Jonathan Wilhemsson’s knows how to put such profound philosophy in viewers minds in a humorous way..
Karen Olrich-White
Karen Olrich-White as Marie
Jonathan Wilhemsson’s short film Untitled Earth Sim 64 is a dilemma portrayed in a comic visual. One is subjected to an unusual situation and struggles to find if the universe we live in is a simulation or not? .”

Marie, a character who experiences some dramatic aberrancies in her daily routine, starting from the taste of food, the smell of flowers, the purple dog, the colliding lamp-po

st to the reality of being just a simulation. Suddenly, she listens to some freaky sounds talking to her that she is facing some technical difficulties, which will be sorted out in due course of time. Another horrible sound portraying a ghost joins the conversation, and they talk about resetting her memory or delete her permanently. Her struggle to accept that she is just a simulation controlled by someone else starts here.

Marie shares with her friend (Alexandra Frick) that she is just a glitch in the system, and the universe we live in is just an untitled simulation. Her friend finds it pretty normal and convinces her that she was not a believer but what she has found is proof of a creator’s existence that is God. Her conversation with the Researcher depicts the reality of the universe and life so beautifully in a humorous way. To Marie, life seems a joke, as she cannot accept the new facts she had not faced before. The Researcher reminds her that you must be seeing life as ridiculous and strange, but it was always the case, while you did not bother to know.

Jonathan Wilhemsson’s knows how to put such profound philosophy in viewers minds in a humorous way. This film is a good watch for the eyes and the best one for the brain. The director has impressively incorporated special effects of Hollywood level in a small scale production. Untitled Earth Sim 64 encourages small scale lower budget sci-fi movies and affirms its outstanding achievements. The philosophical aspect of the Untitled Earth sim 64 is so important. It emphasizes that we are controlled beings, controlled by someone who has simulated us. What matters is our existence, not the circumstances of existence, and what we can do is accept the simulation. We must relax and enjoy life until it lasts.

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